Message #1835

From: schuma <>
Subject: [MC4D] Re: State graph of MC2D
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 22:47:30 -0000

Hi David,

I found that I can append the filename after the folder’s name, like this

to make it work. I think this method is decent. This URL is case sensitive.


— In, "David Vanderschel" <DvdS@…> wrote:
> Nan wailed:
> >I don’t know why the links fail.
> Actually, the URL that appears in your
> browser’s Address field when viewing one of
> those pages often fails as a link to the
> page, and this has frustrated me over
> the past few years.
> OTOH, the link that appears in the message
> announcing the uploading of the file does
> work.
> So, after uploading a file, one can follow up
> with a post to indicate the significance of
> the uploaded material. Then we can refer back
> to upload-announcement message to actually
> link to the item. It is too bad that the
> person who did the uploading cannot add text
> to the announcement message.
> A link to an upload folder, which you can get
> from the browser’s URL when on the page, does
> work. E.g.:
> Regards,
> David V.