Message #1779

From: Andrey <>
Subject: 4D Car
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 18:38:22 -0000

Hi all,
I’ve took a little break from 4D puzzles and spent some time to write simple 4D viewer and draw a model of 4D car for it.
You can find pictures from this message in the album:

It is six-wheeled open car with one row of three passenger seats. Steering sphere is not ready now :(

Side (horizontal) view:

Top view (plan):

Front view:

Intermediate view 1 (between side and top):

Intermediate view 2 (from the wheel side). All three seats are visible:

One more view:

You can download complete 4D model from here:

Viewer for it is here: . Navigation is easy: by combinations of Ctrl and Shift keys with left or right mouse buttons. Help/Help menu item gives description of commands.