Message #1610

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Full scrambled 3^4 solved…
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 13:56:40 -0700

Hey, that’s great, Andrey!!

I’d figured that it was possible, but was kind of hoping that nobody
would attempt it since the Java/Swing version is far better. I should
have guessed that you would do it though, especially since you had asked
me to adjust the autorotation threshold days before. Mostly I didn’t
want any new people to attempt it without at least knowing that the
desktop version exists. Since you are about as far from that as
possible, and because you obviously have a very high pain threshold, I’m
happy that you completed it. Did it give you the fanfare at the end? I
kind-of rushed and hacked the implementation and I didn’t even test that.

Since you seem to need to be first at everything, I suppose I’ll have to
add a menu option to switch to the 120 Cell just for you! The stickers
will be minuscule but remember that it supports pinch-zooming, so in
theory, you really should be able to solve that one too! :-) Seriously
though, I’m not going to do that because I *really* don’t want anybody
to ever attempt that!

As a side-note, has anyone else had the following happen to you? When I
show or tell people about the the 4D cube, they seem to be impressed,
but if I then follow-up by saying that we also have dozens of other 4D
puzzles, and even hyperbolic, 5 dimensional and beyond–and especially
when I tell them that people have solved all of these puzzles–they then
just look like a dear in the headlights and can’t say a word! It’s
gotten to the point that I often don’t tell anybody about the additional
puzzles, at least not at that time. It seems that people generally
understand that some things are very difficult and some things are
impossible, but they have a hard time understanding that a lot of
interesting things fall between the two. I’m still not sure how to break
it to them.

Anyway, here is the link to the puzzle in the Android market for anyone
that wants to see the new UI:

Have fun!

On 4/15/2011 7:31 AM, Andrey wrote:
> … on the 3-inch screen of the Android phone!
> The latest interface presented by Melinda is good enough for the actual solving of 3^4 cube! It took about three hours (part of solving was by one hand in the Moscow subway). Main problem was in the sticker selection - stickers are very small and it’s difficult to select what I need. And one of stages in my method requires middle layers twists, and I had to use many 4D rotations for it…
> Anyway, puzzle is solvable :) Melinda, thank you for it!
> Andrey