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From: Eduard <>
Subject: Re: Dream?
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 14:18:31 -0000

A better link for picture
<<br> art.jpg>

— In, "Eduard" <baumann@…> wrote:
> The 120-Cell has unmoved centers only in Magic120Cell and not in MC4D
> (Hypermagaminx).
> What is easier complete Magic120Cell with macros or complete MC4D with
> "Finding help" and "show (highlight) only faces.."?
> Eventually complete only Hypermagaminx in MCD4 (and not the others).
> is possible that combined "macro" and "Finding helps"
> for the 120-Cell plus the evaluator was (is) a dream only.
> In the mean time I couldn’t resist to start in Magic120Cell. I’m
> proud to have succeded with 8 of the 720 face cubies (contiguous). See
> picture
<<br> <br> > art.jpg> (only faces highlighted) and log file
<<br> <br> >
p87nyoDiFyXgkwN_18zuVa7GKr4rKflPpwHvFzE3YdXPXj3OAhcOWSaZN1gJA/baumann_12<br> <br> > 0c_start.log> . It is a good exercice to get a real feeling of this
> world of 120 individuals. I recommend this exercice to everybody.