Message #1358

From: Eduard <>
Subject: MC4D solving
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 15:31:48 -0000

Following Roice’s instructions for solving the 3x3x3x3 I experienced that not only the 3 color pieces can return to their home place with one color at the right place and the two others flipped (the piece is mirrored) but ALSO the 4 color pieces. This time one color is okay and the three others are exchanged in a 3 cycle. To get rid of this situation the cross color sequence from Roice ( = second 4 color sequence) is not sufficient. Let be 4c1 and 4c2 the two 4 color sequences of Roice. With two properly placed 4c1 you can produce a 3 color cycle for one 4 color piece disturbing two other 4 color pieces. At the end I needed a three color cycle for two pieces with all other pieces in place and correctly oriented. Here a commutator of my 3 color cycle and 4c1 of Roice did the job.
Placing the 29th edge piece is the most difficult part of the solving procedure if you are unlucky and get a flip. You have to arrange an excursion of the flipped piece exactly on the last free edge pieces.