Message #1151

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Test results
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 16:28:50 -0700

The first run of a pretend speedsolving contest was successful. Remi,
deustfrr, Andrey and I all found each other on YIM, gathered in a
conference chat, and practiced sharing log files. We worked out the
kinks needed to hold a smooth and fair contest next weekend. It’s a good
thing too because there were several hiccups and protocols to work out
but now I think we’re all ready at long last. Best of all, all of the
participants are eager and preparing hard to be able to do their best
next Saturday. Here is the protocol we settled on plus some stipulations
of my own:

&#42; All participants should be logged into YIM and settled into the<br>
  conference chat by 18&#58;00 UTC (turns out to be 11&#58;00 Pacific time,<br>
  not 10&#58;00 like I thought). The contest will start when everyone is<br>
&#42; I'll share the URL of a test log file that all participants can<br>
  test to make sure they're able to download it and import into<br>
  their program of choice.<br>
&#42; Once everyone is ready, I'll type &quot;BANG&quot; followed by the true<br>
  scramble log URL and the race will be on!<br>
&#42; The first person to send me a correct and legally solved log file<br>
  via private chat or email will be the winner though correct<br>
  solutions will still be accepted until 21&#58;00 UTC.<br>
&#42; I'll examine the log files as they come in and will announce the<br>
  apparent winner. Everyone will have a chance to examine the log<br>
  files afterwords to confirm their correctness, fairness, and methods.<br>
&#42; Timestamps and measurements of approximate solution times may be<br>
  estimated by the curious but the times will not be official. Only<br>
  the order in which I receive fair and correct solutions will<br>
  matter. This is a race against other competitors and not a race<br>
  against the clock.<br>
&#42; Use of notes and macros previously prepared by each contestant<br>
  will be allowed but not any help from other people or external<br>
  tools or sources of information.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to join in the conference chat.
Just be sure to friend me (cutelyaware) and I’ll invite you. I’ll
probably be on-line a little bit before start time and will invite all
the 4D friends that I see who are also on-line. Nudge me if I don’t
invite you. You are also welcome to join in the competition but you must
declare your intention by the official meeting time. I will post the
results in the HOF. And remember, if we get 5 or more competitors, I
will send an official, custom and unique prize t-shirt to the winner!

Thanks to all the participants who helped to test this morning. Now get
practiced and prepared and good luck with the world’s first
hyperspeedsolving contest ever!