Message #958

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] 3D implementation of 4D
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 21:39:45 -0700

matthewsheerin wrote:
> Hi everyone, here is an interesting thread on the Twistypuzzles forum, with a link to a Youtube video: I’m not sure how to put in links here, but these is the address anyway. It is the first in a series of 3D versions of 4D shapes, this one is a 16-cell, and there is more shapes to come! Further details in the thread and video.
> I thought that people around here might be interested :).

Wow, that’s incredible! I mean this puzzle looks rather awkward and
possibly too simple, but incredible that someone’s made a physical 4D
puzzle. I’ve been casually thinking about how someone could build even a
physical 2^4 puzzle, and I imagined using deformable struts something
like this one but I still haven’t thought of the key that would make
such a thing work. I definitely hope that this will indeed be the first
of many such puzzles.

> Matt
> PS. I have recently started posting on that forum under my online alias of bobthegiraffemonkey (the name started when I was bored one night on MSN … very bored).

And more than a little chemically challenged, I would hazard. ;-)