Message #922

From: Andrey <>
Subject: MC7D v0.03
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 19:51:03 -0000

Hi all!

New version of MC7D is uploaded to . It works on DirectX9.2, and if you find that is doesn’t run on your computer, try to download and
unpack it in the folder with mc7d.exe file.
Main feature of the new version is that it allows to perform twists in 2-click and 3-click modes (selecting on the right panel).
2-click mode is the same as was in the first version, and 3-click is much simpler. You click the face that you want to twist (be careful: small stickers belong to secondary faces!), then the face in direction "from", and then the face in direction "to". In the status line you may see progress bar "status of clicks". If progress bar is on 25% or 100%, program is ready for the first click, 50% means that face is selected, 75% - that first direction is
selected. Red color indicates that last click was wrong, and program waits for good click (or for click in the empty space - it works as "cancel".

I played a little with 3^7. 3-twist puzzles are difficult but solvable )))

Good luck!