Message #447

Subject: Intro
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 00:26:29 -0400

Hi, my name is Stephen Face. I solved the cube a few months ago but have not
had time to finish my introduction until now (Yea spring break). I recently
turned 16 and live in Wilmington, DE, USA. At school, I like to program my
calculator when I can find time. At home, I spend my time doing homework,
watching TV, and playing games on my computer. My favorite class I am taking
this year is discrete/applied mathematics, which is where I got my
inspiration to look at four dimensional cubes.

My rubiks cube time of a minute is fast enough to beat everyone I know
personally. I can do the 4^3 and 5^3, but I have more practice with the
original rubik’s cube. I hope now that mid-terms are over I will find time
to practice and better my time.

As soon as I found MC4D I knew I had to solve it. Not entirely sure what to
do, I tried to solve it like the rubik’s cube but in 4D. The method I use is
very similar to the the one described here Solving the
2x2x2x2 corner took about 60 moves. Extending to a 2x2x2x3 took about
another 40 moves. The 2x2x3x3 took about another 60 moves. The 2x3x3x3 took
about another 180 moves. Looking back, I’m not sure what my strategy for the
last layer was, but the final total was 982 moves. I think thats pretty good
for making it up as I go and without macros.

Ever since my name was put up on the list people have been asking me to
teach/show how to solve it, so now I always carry a rubik’s cube with me
whether its in my bag or my pocket.