Message #428

From: zzzonked90 <>
Subject: err… change of account.
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:46:07 -0000

Okay, this may seem confusing, but I’m (who
joined the group today as well :p).

Long story. notiboyicr is my old yahoo account that’s been deserted
for years. But I used it to join this group since I’ve got no other
yahoo account. Two seconds after registration, I felt like having a
new account (for fun I guess?) so I terminated notiboyicr and created
zzzonked90, but yahoo won’t allow me to terminate the old one right
away for some funny reason (it says I’ll have to wait 90 days for the
old account to be ‘officially’ terminated), so now both accounts
coexist but I’ll only be using zzzonked90. Understooded?

Oh about that intro thingy new members have to make: I’m Chester and
I’m 16 and I’m Malaysian (some country in Southeast Asia that’s shaped
like a potato) and I’m doing my A Levels (first year) now. Nice to
meet all of you (: