Message #365

From: Jesse Thompson <>
Subject: Backtrack Game
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 16:16:33 -0800

I have previously mentioned my interest in the humble task of scrambling X
moves and then seeing how to solve the result. And I’m sure Melinda and Don
added that option for just such a purpose. :)

While browsing the website of 3D speed cubist Lars Petrus recently, I
discovered he made a Java app that lets you do the same with the 3D cube,
and had something to say on the subject. In particular, every cubist has a
certain number of moves they find it challenging to undo in the same number
of moves.

What say ye cubists on this subject? I’ve worked up to being able to
reliably undo 2 moves on MagicCube4d with the new, harder twist choices and
was comfortable with 3 using the older twist choices. How far can the rest
of you go?