Message #285

From: Guy <>
Subject: RE: [MC4D] Stereo! ;))))))))
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:57:22 +0200

I’m currently working on some 4D glasses, but sadly they only work if you
have 3 eyes.

Brains and eyes work in subtle harmony (or disharmony). There are some
stunning effects documented at



It is funny but I can’t see 3D films using glasses!

Everybody enjoys 3D effects during films like Shrek 3D but not me… It’s
all mixed, red spots are fighting on the screen with green spots and it’s
all what I see…

Lately I was on lecture of my friend from university. He wrote little
program showing 3D cloth and others materials using red-blue glasses…

I saw nothing :((((((…but during introduction about 3D seeing there was
picture of 3D figure on WHITE background (his program operates on black) and
I saw a little effect…

(I was said that I have one eye more dominant than the other so one color is
winning too much in my vision…ufff-> I was thinking that my brain is
damaged or something ;P)

I always say that is irony I can’t see 3D but I can solve 4D and 5D ;-)

Anyway it took some time me to catch good 3D effect in Magic5DCube but I
did ;-))))))))))))))))

On black background it’s only blur only white background gave me 3D view
(it’s better when everything is moving!).Effect is not so big but It’s

Roice what next? ;-P

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