Message #272

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: 5D solutions
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 18:13:11 -0700

Congratulations to Sebastian and the 3^5 solvers!! I’m completely
impressed that so many people have managed to solve any 5D puzzles. I’m
not at all surprised to hear Sebastian describe how terribly tedious it
must appear to take on the 3^5. My original prediction that only one
person would do it was quickly wrong. I need to stop underestimating
your dedication. I still hold that no more than 1 person will ever solve
the 5^5 for the same reasons but this time I say this with much less
conviction than the last time. I am guessing that it will require a
Herculean effort in tedium and attention to minute detail, but like the
tallest mountain, it must be climbed simply because it is there.

I’m extremely curious about your experiences with your solutions. How
did you guys approach the problem and what were your feelings during the
process? How do you feel about the user interface? Do you feel that it
gave you all the visualization and manipulation tools that you most
need? I don’t mean simple stuff like undo/redo, but in the overall
interaction model it provides. What was the hardest part and how might
that be improved. Tell all!