Message #233

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] 5D Cube
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 01:02:11 -0500

Hey Denny,

There was some discussion about this very early on, I think before the yahoo
group existed. Two ideas I remember were:

(1) A physical cube you could hold, but which had electronic lights that
would change appropriately as you manipulated it. I’m not sure real twists
could be done with this, since some of the faces warp and change shape with
certain twists. So it might be limited to button pressing for twisting.

(2) Stereo vision and virtual reality. This might be the next best thing
to holding a real one. I mentioned the eDimensional glasses in my last post
( If you also had a virtual reality glove, you could
perhaps get a decent feeling of manipulating the puzzle like a real Rubik’s


On 3/31/06, Denny <> wrote:
> Hello everybody…
> I have to say, that I’m really impressed about the realisation of the 5D
> Cube… Very nice, I like it. :-) I hope, that soon twists will be
> possible… I’d really like to twist this thing… :-) It’s somehow a
> little bit crazy, but I like it very much!
> So far for the 5D cube… In the last days I thought a little bit about
> the 4D Cube and a strange idea came to my mind… We all look at the
> computer and the 3-dimensional projection of this 4D-Object… And like
> everyone knows, it is not really 3D… So the idea came to my mind…
> Would it be possible to create something, that looks like the projection
> of the 4D Cube in real space… I think in a first step one can create
> something that only looks like the 4D cube and that one can rotate the
> whole object like in 4D (inside-out-effect)… That should be
> possible… Also with the spacings between the stickers… I think that
> is not the problem… But the next step would be nice to realize, to
> make twists possible… :-) I only thought about it and I’m not shure if
> this is possible in anyway. Please tell me, if you ever thought about
> something like this or if something like this was ever discussed… :-)
> Would be nice!
> Thanks
> Denny