Message #73

From: Daniel Hayes <>
Subject: Re: Intro from a new member
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 11:28:42 -0600

Welcome to the group! I too love the cubes and have several different
fun shapes and styles about my desk. As for the 6x6x6, No one has one out
for production yet, but I think at least 2 people are in the process of
constructing one (race to the patent office sort of thing) but that’s been
the story for at least 2 years now.

You can find some good information in the forums, a
good place for all things twisty! Also, the yahoo speed cubing group,
speedsolvingrubikscube, is quite handy to have around too.

Congrats on getting the 4d cube!

Daniel Hayes,

PS, if there’s anyone interested, I have a few humorous twisty puzzle
solution videos on my site (WM9 Codecs): <-3x3x3 rubik’s cube <-Megaminx (piratey)